2017 Reflection – Decluttering things

As usual, close to end of year I reflect about my life. How have I been doing? What did not work, what have worked. How do I improve?
One thing that has been in my mind, I feel I have too many stuffs and I keep invalid papers and documents. Those took space in my room. I only talk about visible things. How about invisible ones that occupy my mind?
I decided to declutter them. Simplify my life, minimize problems – if I cannot eliminate them. Make space for the new positive things to come into my life.


Somehow, I found Konmari method through internet. I read articles and watched youtube videos to learn more. It was intriguing and I feel connected to this method. Because you keep those that spark your joy. And if it doesn’t then you give them away.
What I also love, we say thanks to the stuffs we are going to give because it has served us.
Konmari method was invented by a Japanese lady, Marie Kondo. You can google about this method.
I followed the instructions.

The areas I decluttered first was my clothings, my hijab collection, accessory, my old files and documents in my storage box and in computer, my books, my stationery and make up stocks.
Each area was done in one day. I did not do them in one day. I took my time.
Many people adopted my stuffs. I am so glad they are happy receiving them …
I store my hijabs based on their color.
Some are hung, some are folded. Konmari method teach us how to fold clothes to get more space.
We can apply this to our kitchen, our work desk, etc.
My theme for 2018 is to simplify and improve. But when it comes to income, it has to become big and bigger …

My necklaces I gave away

Pashminas and hijabs I gave away

Kids clothes, Konmari folding method

My hijabs, Konmari folding method

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